I remember laying in bed one night while I was still a college student (insert crying emoji) and saw Katherine Schwarzenegger on Jimmy Fallon. I didn't watch the entire interview but I saw them talking about her new book so properly titled... "I Just Graduated Now What."

From that moment on, I could not get that book out of my head. I did not purchase it while in school because I was in denial and kept putting it off for the first few months post grad. I hadn't seen any reviews of it, I didn't even know if Katherine was entitled to write it because...I mean, her last name says it all.

I got a Barnes and Noble gift card for Christmas and was trying to wrack my brain for what book I wanted. Suddenly I remembered the book and immediately purchased it.

I just finished it last week and my goodness, the book has calmed me down so much. I can't even explain the goodness that is this book.

The format is incredible and something I didn't expect. It's also something I've never seen before. Katherine interviewed well known, successful people in a variety of different industries to tell their stories about how they felt after graduation.

Katherine would introduce the person being interviewed, explaining why she chose this person and then they would take the reigns and tell their story in their own words.

Each story was unique, special, and really had some fabulous advice. Hearing words of wisdom from the likes of John Legend, Maria Shriver, Andy Cohen, Serena Williams, Sara Blakey and so many more...it was so inspiring.

It lit a fire under my butt to truly find my passion and it reminded me that having no idea what you want to do after college and that living at home with your parents while you figure it all out...well that's all perfectly normal and okay.

I read some of the customer reviews on this book and they weren't the greatest but I truly loved it. This will be a book I re-read over and over again because you can learn something new every time.

It was just nice to know that I'm not alone and even the most successful people have had their doubts. It was nice hearing words of inspiration when you feel really crappy about trying to figure out what you want to do with your life.

The future is really scary. Not knowing what is going to happen or where you're going to end up is really scary. It's the scariest part for me. I could get past everything else but the unknown is what terrifies me. 

This book made it ok to not be sure and ok to be afraid of what is to come. Our lives have been planned out and we have been working toward this goal of "college" since we walked into Kindergarten. Now that plan is complete and everything is unwritten. No one can predict their future and we need to become more comfortable with that.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who just graduated or is about to graduate. It will help you immensely! 

Here are some of my favorite quotes and pieces of advice from the book:

"Focus on what you control in life, and don't give any time or energy to the things you can't. You have to learn to control the controllables and let go of the noncontrollables in life."—Darren Hardy

"When you feel passionate about something, it isn't work—it's a dream come true."–Alli Webb

"Being patient is hard, but I've learned that if I am patient, answers always come."—Katherine Schwarzenegger

"The reality is, you don't even know what you don't know. Experience only comes from doing."—Gayle Kind

"The real world is difficult and full of challenges. People suck sometimes. People aren't always nice. bag things happen."—Ron Bergum

This book is filled to the brim with little bites of inspiration but these were some that really stuck out to me!

What book have you been reading that's inspired you?

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