The temperatures in New York over the past two weeks have been ridiculous. Christmas Eve felt like springtime and now I feel like it's the polar vortex all over again.

I said in my winter skincare essentials post that my skin has been acting out but I've gotten it pretty under control. 

What I haven't gotten under control? My lips.

They are ridiculously dry and chapped and I'm pretty sure my eczema is camping out around my mouth. 

It makes applying lipstick a lot more difficult and I've been really into lipsticks lately...thank you Kylie Jenner.

I've been trying out a bunch of different lip balms and found a few that work really well. When I apply the right lip balm, it makes my lipstick apply so much easier.

BeneBalm: This was on my wish list for the longest time but I could not justify spending $18 on a tinted lip balm. I still felt like I needed it because I love red lips but on some days a red lip seems a bit much so I thought a tinted balm would moisturize and give me color. After watching so many reviews on youtube, I decided to take the plunge...and I had a $15 Sephora gift card. It's amazing, I'm obsessed, and it's pretty much my favorite lip balm ever. It's super moisturizing, pigmented, smells amazing, and leaves my lips smooth, the perfect canvas for a real red lipstick.

Nivea Olive Oil and Lemon: I think this is my favorite lip balm of all time. It's the one I keep going back too because it smells pretty awesome and it leaves my lips incredibly moisturized and smooth. I rarely ever have to reapply this because the moisture lasts forever. 

First Aid Beauty Ultra Lip Therapy: This is a really thick, vaseline type consistency. I apply it at night to let it moisturize, almost like a lip mask, and in the morning, my lips feel like brand new. I got it on sale at Sephora and it was well worth every penny. First Aid Beauty is my new favorite brand and I'm sure you'll see more of it here.

Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue: This is the jugular of all lip balms. It's has that medicated feeling, leaves a slight sheen on your lips, and moisturizes through and through. I apply it every single day, multiple times a day, and I've noticed a huge difference in my lips.

Now for the lipsticks...

Too Faced La Creme Lipsticks: I found these bad boys at Nordstrom Rack for $8 each. They originally retail for $22 (EXCUSE ME) so I obviously bought two. I bought "'Cinnamon Kiss" and "LoganBerry." They're super pigmented but also have that balm, moisturizing feeling (HOW MANY TIMES CAN I SAY MOISTURIZING IN ONE BLOG POST). The color transfers but they are easy to apply.. you don't really need a mirror. I am hooked on these and I definitely need more soon.

Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lip Crayon in Gavi: I had a mini sample of a Bite lipstick last year and it was incredible. I've been meaning to get my hands on another one of their lip products but it's pretty expensive and the amount of colors overwhelm me. This mini size pencil was $12 and it's the perfect pinkish nude. Bite uses natural ingredients so it feels and looks amazing on the lips. 

Okay, I'm really sorry for the amount of times I said moisturizing in this post. Someone get me a thesauruses! 

These are my recipes for smooth, luscious, and gorgeous lips during the winter! 

What lip products are your favorite?

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