I already told you all about why I dislike New Years and I honestly don't even know what I'm doing tonight—probably just going out to dinner with my mom. Even though my plans are less than eventful and I won't be wearing a sparkly dress and heels, I still want to be somewhat festive.

I really have been loving sparkles lately...eyeshadow, eyeliner, and nail polish. I have no shame in wearing sparkles all year round, if the occasion is right, but the holidays really bring it out in me. I have a few sparkly nail polishes on hand but some of them were dried out and gross. I recently picked up another top coat that has lots of blue and silver sparkles and I've been wanting to use it.

Essie's "On a Silver Platter" caught my eye at the drug store, even though there were tons of other topcoats and glitter polishes that were just as beautiful.

I haven't bought a new nail polish in quite some time and I just couldn't resist the blue and silver sparkles. 

I also been wanting to paint my nails with the metallic Essie shades I have but was unsure if the glitter would look nice on top of a metallic color. I tried it as an accent nail first and then loved the way it looked so I figured it was a great NYE nail!

Happy New Years Eve! How do you add some extra sparkle to your NYE outfit?

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