The packages coming to my house have been insane. Between my shopping addiction that has flared up again, products to review for the blog, subscription services, and Christmas's gotten a little insane. Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for lots of reviews on a variety of different things, it'll be good.

Anyways, no more rambling, lets dive right into the Birchbox.

I chose not to receive the curated box like last month—even though some of the items were the same. I really wanted to be surprised and didn't care for all the products in the curated box (it was put together by one of my favorite celebrities, Lo Bosworth). 

Here's what I received in my box this month:

Can we talk about how beautiful this month's box design is?

Vasanti Kajal Extreme Rose Gold eyeliner: This was the sample choice I got to pick in my box. I knew I was going to love it because I've been really into rose gold and eye brightening products lately. This is perfect for the inner corner of your eyes and your water line, perfectly brightening and widening your eyes to make you look more awake. I've been using it everyday and it's so creamy and smooth—I'll probably purchase the full size eventually.

Sample size: 4/5
Full price: $18

Davines Replumping Superactive: This is a hair serum that claims it makes your hair look thicker and shiner. I definitely don't need my hair to look thicker because we all know I have a lions mane. I just used it this morning and after I blow dried and straightened my hair, I could definitely say that my hair is thicker and shiner. It's actually kind of mind-blowing how a product can change how your hair looks but it feels healthier as well. This was also an awesome sample size.

Sample size: 5/5
Full size price: $39.50 (YIKES)

Manna Kada Lip Locked: This lipgloss claims it's a primer, stain, and gloss that is also nourishing. Once again, I'd have to agree. It's a cute little sample that has a lot of thick product inside. The pale pink color is perfect for the fall and winter seasons and I love it. I usually don't use the lip products that come in my Birchbox because they're super glossy and sticky and the sample is too small but this one is different. It's definitely a stain but not that sticky and it's a decent size. A definite plus!

Sample size: 3/5
Full size price: $24

Ruffian Nail Lacquer in Ruffian Red: I spoke about this on Manicure Monday yesterday but I think this was my favorite product in the entire box. I love a good nail polish and having a simple red is essential, especially around the holidays. Ruffian is a really great Birchbox brand and I'm so happy I finally got one in my box. It's a really great formula, just opaque enough that you could get away with one coat. I'm obsessed. 

Sample size: 5/5
Full size price: $10

SeaRX Anti Wrinkle Facial Lift Treatment Serum: I don't think I really need anti wrinkle serums but I may use this any way. I may also just give it to my mom. It's a very think serum and feels good on your skin so who knows, I may use this. The sample is a nice size as well.

Sample Size: 3/4
Full size price: $34

I also received two nice sized foil packets from Davines of their Replumping Shampoo and Conditioner. I haven't tried these out yet because I've been using Head and Shoulders shampoo for my dry scalp. I may try them out next time I wash my hair. These weren't part of my samples but just a nice little extra.

Sample Size: (2/5)
Full size price: Both retail for $25 each

I'd have to say I was really happy with this box. I could use pretty much all these products and I think they're perfect for winter.

What subscription services do you subscribe too? If you get Birchbox, what did you receive in your box this month?

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