Taylor Swift "1989" Album Review

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If you follow me on Twitter, you saw me freaking out last week about Ms. Taylor Swift's latest album.

I don't think I've ever talked about my love/hate relationship with T.Swift on the blog before so I'll keep it short.

I was obsessed/in love with her for years. I defended her antics, her name calling, the Kanye debacle, her Joe Jonas break-up...everything. I was the #1 Swift fan; she did no wrong in my world. 

That is until she messed with Harry Styles...then I had a problem. I started to notice her whiny ways and her immaturity and I just didn't care for it anymore.

Her lyrics and catchy tunes, they still got me through though. I never denied that she could write a kick ass song, a song that literally speaks to the soul. 

There is a Taylor Swift song for every mood, occasion, and feeling—you cannot deny that. The girl is talented and she knows how to market herself.

She knows what she's doing.

A Taylor Swift album has been released every 2 years for five or six years (don't quote me on that time period) and it seems that it's released just when I need it most.

Fearless: junior year of high school, dealing with boy dramas and thinking about college.

Speak Now: freshmen year of college, dealing with this new world of mine and not knowing which way was up.

Red: junior year of college, when I was just getting used to college and having the time of my life, and realizing that it was almost all over.

1989: the real world.

The only music I have been listening to for the past week has been this incredible album. I haven't even used my iPod at work or on my commute. I haven't listened to the radio in my car, I haven't listened to Pandora while I do my hair--it's all been 1989 and I don't even care!

I didn't think there was anything more incredible and different and unique than Red and I have to say, 1989 is the perfect sequel to that. It truly shows her change in personality, her maturity, her transition. 

Red was different. Red was another level of Taylor Swift #AllTooWell but this album surpasses that. There aren't an influx of ballads or name calling or "revenge" type songs. It's fun, it's pop music, it's not childish. 

The entire album is, as my friend Tyler (aka the biggest Taylor Swift fan in the world—he created a musical using her songs our senior year of college, it was a big deal) would say "the soundtrack to an 80s movie." 

That is hands down the perfect description of the album—fun and bubbly and interesting.

It's just different, I can't even put it into words. 

My favorite songs are by far: Blank Space, Style, This Love, and How You Get the Girl. 

The lyrics just speak to me, they're super fun and just wonderful songs. 

I always have some least favorite songs that I skip over in the initial first listening month because I get so obsessed with the songs I like but then I always go back and obsess over those. I go through relationships with Taylor Swift songs.

Right now the songs I haven't been listening to as much as the other four are: Clean, Welcome to New York, I Wish You Would, and I Know Places.

I always listen to the album full through but those are not my #1s right now--they are still incredible.

I haven't bought the actual CD yet; I bought the album last Monday on iTunes the moment I woke up so I could listen to it on the commute to work.

Do I think this is Taylor's best album yet? No not really. I still love Fearless and Red--those are my top 2 favorites and probably always will be.

Do I think this is a huge step and transition for Taylor Swift and she's never going to stop, she's only going up from here? Of course.

She has proven she is a force to be reckon with and no one is going to stop her from chasing her dreams and living to the fullest. She's taught us all that and I'm forever grateful to her. 

Have you listened to 1989? What is your FAVORITE and LEAST favorite song? Tell me in the comments!

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