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Okay, so this was a review that was supposed to be months ago. #BIGGESTBLOGGERFAIL

I received this eyeshadow palette a few months back but then packed it away with my stuff after I graduated and I just found it two weeks ago. I immediately started playing with it and scheduled a blog post to be written.

And here we are...

This is a BA Star eyeshadow palette. BA Star is makeup brand for makeup professionals. Their website is super fun and colorful so definitely check it out.

The palette comes with five shades, a white highlight shade, a grey shimmer shade, a teal/grey/green shimmer shade, a deep navy blue, and a bright blue sparkle.

The purpose of this palette is to create the perfect smoky eye and I think a smokey eye look can definitely be achieved with these five shades. 

I've always wanted to do a smokey eye but never had the right shades nor did I know where to start. I usually stick to neutral, beige and brown shades and possibly throw in a cranberry or burgundy once in a while.

These dark, blue shades definitely scared me at first but then I thought about it and I realize they are perfect for a late night, smokey eye. 

I haven't attempted a smokey eye (yikes) but this will be what I reach for when I do.

The shadows themselves are an odd texture because they feel slightly chalky but at the same time, feel smooth. I think the formula differs from shadow to shadow but they are definitely workable.

All in all, this eyeshadow palette is not something I would've purchased because the shadows are not my favorite colors but I'm glad I have it.

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