As you're reading this, I'm in my car, headed to my college campus for HOMECOMING WEEKEND. As an undergrad, homecoming was one of the greatest events of the year. Iona doesn't have a football team but there are still so many fun events on campus, a Rugby game, a basketball pre-game, and of course, day drinking.

It was the first time you saw a lot of the alumni that graduated the year before but alumni from years and years ago are traipsing throughout campus. It's glorious.

For the first time, I will be going back as an alumnae with all my underclassmen and graduated friends. It's the first time I'll be staying the night at school since I graduated and there is an odd bittersweet feeling about it. Nonetheless I'm super excited and this week felt like a huge pre-game to the event.

Anyway, with all of that, this week went by pretty fast and was quite nice. I love how great of a mood I've been in lately, less anxious, not as crazy--it's a nice change of pace.

Here are all the links I loved and adored:

Have a fantastic weekend everyone :)

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