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Are you ready to meet #Sparkle? A few weeks ago I published a post with a video featuring the lovely Khloe Kardashian and the video may have left you with a vague, mysterious feeling as the ending was a cliff hanger.

Well, now we're back with the big reveal. Watch to see what all the fuss over #INeedSparkle is about.

Are you as excited for Hpnotiq Sparkle as Khloe is? Seriously, I loved this video. I loved watching Khloe and friends popping bottles and having some girl time.

Hpnotiq is a brand of liquor I've definitely dabbled with in the past. It tastes delicious and isn't too strong. It's the perfect casual, girls night drink.

Now, Hpnotiq is taking their brand to the next level with Hpnotiq Sparkle. Sparkle is a mixture of original Hpnotiq and sparkling champagne (YUM). This is a special edition liquor, perfect for the holidays and only available from October-December.

If you can't get your hands on this product, combining original Hpnotiq and champagne is also a great, fun and bubbly cocktail.

I'm really excited to try Sparkle because I love bubbly cocktails; they're not too strong and taste so good. I feel so classy and glamorous when I drink things like this (corny, I know) but I love it. Hpnotiq Sparkle is the perfect girly drink, perfect for holiday parties with you and your friends.

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