Ever since starting my blog in 2012, I have tried to come up with the perfect organization system. It was a daunting task for me, especially because I pride myself on being so organized, all the time, in every aspect of my life.

Trying to organize my blog, editorial calendar, to-dos and everything else was so stressful because it seemed that there were so many options but nothing was ever good enough. I tried regular notebooks, combining both my school and blog planners, online planners...it was just insane.

That is until now.

(I'll do a separate post on all my blog organization tips because I think I have it down pat)

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that at the Smart Girls Group Conference, I received a Whitney English Day Designer. These intense planners cost $50 and are probably the most organized planners I've ever seen. This is what an ideal planner is; it's as if Whitney English got inside the brains of every Type A woman out there and took what they were thinking and shoved it all into a planner.

I knew this bad boy was going to deserve it's own post to get into the nitty gritty goodness so here we are.

The planner started on July 31st, much like the Lilly and Kate Spade agendas did. This is a hefty planner, like it's huge. It's way too big for everyday use; I would never be able to carry this around in a tote bag or bag.

This wouldn't have been a good everyday planner for me when I was in college because of it's size but also because of how it's laid out. I like having a general open space when it comes to everyday use (hence why I'm still using my Lilly agenda for work/everyday errands).

Blank notes page
The Day Designer is the ultimate planner for a woman running her own business or a blogger, or even just an average working woman who can leave this planner at her desk.

The layout is pure insanity. It has a column for a daily schedule and then a column for other daily to-dos. Throw in "Top 3 To-Dos", "Due", "Dinner", "Dollars", "Don't Forget" and an inspiring quote at the top and you have perfection.

At the bottom of the standard planner page is a "Download" section (which I don't know what that really means) and a "Daily Gratitude" which adds a really nice touch and a reminder to always be thankful for something everyday.

Aside from the standard planner pages, each month has a large sized calendar view with plenty of room to write a few things in each day box. On the side of the calendar view is also a "Monthly To-Do" which I really like because it helps you to remember things you might have to do later down the line.

Aside from the awesome planner pages, at the beginning of the planner, there are spots for your "Yearly Goal Settings" and it's separated into business, money, attitude, relationships, and total self. Then, it's broken down into 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 1 year.

This is especially great for business women because you can clearly see what you want to accomplish. It's perfect for referencing throughout a tough day. It's great for inspiring you and getting you motivated. I haven't filled in my goals just because I've been in sort of a funk but I need to sit down and get moving.

There's also a page for your visions, dreams, passion, assets, etc. It's pretty cool and definitely inspiring. It makes the planner unique, unlike any other planner out there. 

I really have never seen a planner like the Day Designer. It's crazy, intense organized and can keep the most unorganized person on track. This is probably the best planner I have ever used. It's almost overwhelming because there's so much organization, it borderline scares me.

Would I actually purchase this? I don't know. $50 is a lot for me to spend on a planner but once I have money in my bank, and if I really do fall further in love with it, it'd be something to consider.

Have you ever purchased a Whitney English Day Designer? What are your thoughts? Tell me in the comments!

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