This week was bittersweet, in many ways. I started my first job (WOO, definitely the SWEET) part and it has been such a fantastic experience so far. Working in an office takes some getting used too and it just feel weird, because it's my first job. My post graduate life has actually begun and it's kind of scary.

The bitter part is just me. Always something, always in a mood.

Um, also, it's August 1st!!!! Where did the summer go? I'm so confused.

I wasn't online as much as I wanted to be this week, getting into the swing of commuting to Manhattan and getting adjusted to not being home every second of every day was odd. Even not being attached my computer this week allowed me to find some lovely links, articles, and blog posts as usual.

Do you guys like posts like this? I love sharing my favorite links of the week because I always find something I love and that I just have to share them with someone!

Happy Friday :)

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