A few weeks ago on a lonely Friday night, I decided to eat candy, watch Girl Meets World and go through my make-up bag. I had purchased a bunch of new makeup recently and needed to get organized. I knew there was a bunch of old stuff, rotting away in my multiple make-up bags and I needed to get rid of them.

On my organizational journey, I realized there was a lot of makeup hiding away that I had completely forgotten about. 

Some of the makeup were products that I had loved before but had replaced for something new and shiny while others were products that I wasn't so crazy about to begin with.

I decided to put all these "forgotten" makeup items and try to use them more and possibly write a blog post about them. 

While I haven't used them enough over the past few weeks because I'm a creature of habit, I have been picking them up a little bit during my routine.

From bronzer to blush to lipgloss, these are makeup items that I hope I don't forget too much in the future.

ELF Bronzer and Blush: I blogged about these back in December, tried them out and them completely forgot about them. I didn't like the way they looked or felt on my skin, they just weren't what I expected. I did though pick up the blush again this week, blended it out a little more than usual and it gave me a nice, natural glow.

I haven't tried out the bronzer quad again because I've been more into matte bronzers and this one is full of shimmer. When I swatched these bronzers, I was pleasantly surprised at the softness (a lot softer than I remember) and I know that I will be using these soon.

(Blush: Giddy Gold; Bronzer: Golden Bronzer)

Stila One Step Bronze: This I blogged about way back in 2012, right when I reached my first Birchbox. I haven't completely forgotten about this bad boy but I know I don't use it as nearly as much as I should. It's the perfect mousse, liquid bronzer (the only one I ever truly used and loved) with the perfect amount of shimmer. It's easily applied with a brush or your hands and gives you that vacation glow. I use this for only special nights out and it gives me such a dewy look, I can't help but fall in love every time I wear it. 

Urban Decay Freakshow Eyeshadow: My roommate freshmen year got this for me for my birthday and I used to use it a ton. Then my love affair with eyeshadow didn't last and I was afraid of bold colors. I'm slowly getting back into using eyeshadow everyday and this purple color is unlike anything I have. It's said that purple is the best color for brown eyes so I'm definitely going to need to experiment with this baby a little more.

Almay Intense I Color in Purple Amethyst: Sticking with the purple theme, this eyeliner is a few years old and I used to wear it religiously. Almay is one of my favorite brands to buy regular, everyday eyeliner from because it's so creamy, soft but not too intense that it looks like you're going to the club. I have a heavy hand when applying eyeliner so a softer formula is good for me. When swatching, the eyeliner is definitely a little dried out out but maybe that means I'll just go buy a new one! 

Cailyn Gel Eyeliner in Purple: Oh goodness, another purple product?! I used this eyeliner maybe five times since I got it in an Ipsy bag last year. I love the intense, gel purple color but using it is a pain in my butt because I don't like gel potted eyeliners. When I'm looking for an intense, sleek purple on a night out, I need to remember I have this because it is a really great eyeliner.

There are some other products like an Elizabeth Arden lip-glosso or a NYX eyeshadow that are really great quality and I need to just remember to utilize more.

What are your "forgotten" make-up products? Tell me in the comments and share :)

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