My love for make-up and beauty products have grown exceptionally over the past year and I owe that to a variety of different reasons: blogging, magazines, practice, and my favorite and the most influential, beauty v-loggers.

Whenever I'm bored, feeling anxious and stressed, or just in the mood to relax, I log onto my Youtube account and watch whatever video is up on my feed from my latest subscriptions.

Mostly beauty v-loggers do make-up tutorials reviews, hauls, sponsored videos, and share their favorite products. My favorite videos are definitely haul videos and reviews on new products. These are the best places to find out about new products and here a professional opinion. 

Most beauty v-loggers do this as their job so yes, they are a professional. I trust their opinion just as much as a Sephora employee. They are real people using products they actually like and aren't going to lie to you. 

They're fun videos to watch, keep me entertained and the women in them seem so fabulous and flawless. I'm obsessed.

There are a lot of beauty v-loggers out there, a LOT and they all offer something different.

I subscribe to at least 10 vloggers but I definitely have my favorites:

1. MakeUp By TiffanyD: Tiffany was the first vlogger I discovered and she really got me into beauty. She has the best make-up tips, she's low key lady who dishes out the best advice and covers everything from luxury to drug store products. That's my favorite thing about vloggers, when they review and haul drug store products as well. There is just something about Tiffany that is endearing; her videos are a little long but they're so detailed, I don't even care. She's fabulous (and currently pregnant and it's adorable!)

2. Nicole Guerriero: Nicole is a recently discovered lady but hands down my favorite. She's crazy upbeat, fun and beautiful. Seriously, she's stunning. Nicole is also a vlogger who does a lot of drug store product reviews. I found some of my favorite products from her. She also has great techniques for applying makeup, especially her concealer tip. I have to say though, she does great tutorials but my favorite thing about Nicole is her personality. She's awesome! 

3. EleventhGorgeous: Stef and Tess, oh I have a love hate relationship with them. Sometimes they are really overboard and I can't handle their bubbly personalities. They do a lot of hauls and reviews which I love and their tutorial game is scarce, which is fine by me! The sister pairing mainly stick to drug store products which I also love; I can't afford luxury products so it's nice to have someone to relate too. 

4. Bailey B: Bailey is a straight forward kind of gal and never sugar coats anything. She tells the truth  and gives her honest opinion about all the products. She also covers a variety of products from luxury to drugstore and all the inbetween. She does great short review videos where she just gets straight to the point about how she feels about a product. 

5. CoffeBreakWithDani: It definitely took me some getting used too, watching Dani's videos because at first she's loud and in your face but it's so apparent that she actually cares about her viewers and what kind of information she's putting out there. I really admire that about her; once again, Dani covers mostly drug store to higher end (Too Faced, Urban Decay). She does a lot of reviews, not too many tutorials and all her information is really great. 

There are a few other beauty v-loggers in my subscriptions but these are the ones that I love, respect and admire the most. They give the best information, they're fun to watch and I feel like I know them. They're awesome!

Do you have any favorite v-loggers that you swear by? Tell me in the comments so I could check them out!

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