I wanted to do a back to school week special with my best advice and tips for heading back to campus. I mean, I am a seasoned veteran and a fabulous(NOT) post grad so who better to take advice from?

Well, I sat down over the weekend and typed up a few posts but only to realize I wrote them all already. From first day outfits, to school bag essentials and things to know for freshmen, I've covered it all. I guess that just means I'm a washed up college graduate. 

In that same breath, I wanted to honor back to school season and give you readers advice, even if I'm not going back to campus this year.

So I will have some new posts with new advice but in the meantime, here are some of my favorite/best back to school posts from Royally Pink!

Letter to my 17 Year Old Self, for the freshmen in you

Residence Hall Linens, sponsored post on how to decorate your dorm

Boundless, don't buy your textbooks-rent them!

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