I wrote a post about tips for college FRESHMEN and those in turn can truly apply to any year of schooling but I thought that maybe I had some more knowledge of college as a whole. I mean, I was a freshmen four years ago and things have changed and I forgot a lot #postgradproblems. 

College is the best four years of your life, if you allow it to be. It's also a very unusual situation, I mean you're on your own, living in this little neighborhood of other 20 somethings--you go to class, hang out with your friends, go out on the weekends and manage your life on your own. 

That may seem normal but what's not normal is going to the bars on Tuesday nights or all the free food or the free gym that's provided. It's not normal that you can literally do anything you want whenever you want. It's not normal that if you want pizza and a movie at 2am on a Thursday, that's possible.

College is just weird.

I realized that at the end of my junior year, when I was finished with one of the greatest years of school ever and knew that it was all going to be over. 

But like I said, college can be the best four years if you let it. I think I've accumulated enough knowledge to let you leave college being a better version of yourself.

//Join organizations: I don't care if it's the newspaper, a sorority or the computer science club, join something! College is all about getting involved, there are hundreds of clubs and organizations that cater to your interests. I'm not lying when I say there is a club for anyone and everyone. Going to club meetings and events will allow you to foster relationships with people who have similar interests. If you don't get involved, you'll probably just end up sitting in your dorm room with your one roommate, watching Netflix and drinking Twisted Teas on a Friday night. I've seen it happen to a lot of people who end up hating college and transferring. GO GET INVOLVED! It's never too late, whether you're a freshmen or senior.

// Don't Buy Textbooks: Do not waste your money in the school bookstore. They are overpriced and a complete rip off. I know this because I spent $500 my first semester freshmen year. There are so many websites out there to rent textbooks from because after the class is over, there is no need to keep textbooks around. 

//Get along with your roommates: Do your best to get along with your roommate, no matter who it is. I've had great roommate experiences but I've also had not so great ones. Your roommate can be your best friend(I've had them!) or your worst enemy(had them too!) but it's kind of up to you. If something is bothering you about your roommate, approach them in the most polite way possible and solve the problem. In the same breath, pick and choose your battles in order to keep peace. You'll figure out how to live with people extremely different from you and some who are so alike it's borderline scary. Either way, learn how to keep peace because if not, your life will be hell.

//Actually study: Yes, college is FUN and you have meetings and events to run and attend but at the end of the day, you are there to get an education. Don't screw up because you were too busy with being the president of a club or because you were too lazy. None of that is really going to matter but if you don't graduate, that will matter. Go to the library when you have a test, ask your professors questions and go to their office hours and utilize study resources. Don't mess this up, it's the rest of your life. 

//Eat Right: Everyone is going to gain a few pounds throughout college. There are endless amounts of food and alcohol to be consumed. Your cafeteria doesn't have the healthiest of choices and the best pizza place in the college town is open until 4am. If McDonalds is on the meal plan(looking at you #GaelNation) and located three steps away from the local bar, you're in for trouble. Don't gain the Freshmen 25. Eat healthy during the day and splurge on a few late night drunk meals but don't forget to go to the gym. Take advantage of free yoga and Zumba classes because your senior year self will thank you.

//Maintain a GOOD reputation: Don't be that girl who hooks up with everyone freshmen year. Don't throw yourself at the entire football team. Please, I'm begging you. As a girl in this new college world you are going to get boatloads of attention from the male population. Do not get caught up in it because I've seen girls transform from the freshmen year slut to a sophisticated senior but people still talk about her welcome week antics. 

There are so many other pieces of advice I could offer but we'd be here all day. 

I hope you all have a fabulous year in school, make me proud :)

What pieces advice do you have for college students?

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