This is a sponsored blog post. Influenster provided me with complimentary Victoria's Secret products to test and review as part of a contest.

Working out was never my expertise. I don't enjoy it too much, I don't like actually going to the gym but once I'm there, I'm totally okay. 

At school, working out was easy because there was a gym free of charge filled with countless machines and workout equipment. To say I under utilized it would be the understatement of the century. I didn't go to the gym half as nearly as I should've and that's probably because of my lack of motivation but also lack of cute work out clothes.

Luckily, Influenster and Victoria Secrets took care of that rather quickly.

My PopSugar box and #VSSportsBra came in the mail on the same day! #luckyme

Because I'm not big on working out, my work out gear has no variety: sorority shirts, three pairs of leggings and I had one sports bra that doesn't fit properly. That's why I was super excited to receive this awesome Victoria Secrets sports bra courtesy of Influenster.

This bra is some serious stuff; it's not your usual sports bra. It's so form fitting and fits like a regular VS bra even without the underwire present.

I received a bright, neon green color bra with matching neon socks (hello, bonus!) and neon colors are so in right now, especially in workout gear so I was happy about that.

The #VSSportsBra I received was The Incredible which is sort of a mesh material with a racerback feel and a clasp in the back. 

I worked out yesterday morning on my brand new elliptical and honestly, this bra is pretty wonderful. It works like a regular bra and keeps everything in place but is light fitting and wearing and allows you to breathe so you're not sweating like an animal.

The fitting of the bra is a little tricky, such as putting it on because there's not too much stretch to it but once you wear it a few times it should be good.

#VSSport is honestly a great line and I've bought some stuff from them before, such as leggings but this bra and these socks kind of changed the game for me. There are a lot of other products available and I'm excited to possibly buy some and try them out.

For now though, I'm perfectly happy being a #VSSportTester with my #VSSportsBra.

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What are your favorite sports bras/workout clothes?

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