I never had to worry about oily hair before. I could go a week and a few days without washing my hair (as gross as that is). My hair always looked better after not washing it for a few days. My light haired, thin haired friends were super jealous that I didn't have to constantly wash my hair or worry about my hair looking greasy.

One of the reasons I washed my hair not so frequently is because it's really thick and I have so much hair. I never had the time or patience to blow dry and straighten my hair more than once a week. 

That all changed when I had my Keratin treatment done; my hair has been easier to straighten and maintain so I don't mind washing it so much.

On the other hand, I need to wash it a lot more because the Keratin made my hair easily greasy and oily. 

I didn't even realize it at first but then I looked at my hair and it just looked so terrible. I'm not used to washing my hair so much but now that I have the treatment, I have to wash it every three days. It's definitely not the norm for me and it's taken some getting used too.

There are always those days those that I'm just a little too lazy to wash it so I have accumulated some "oily hair" tips to get by with that extra day or make your hair not as oily.

1. Dry Shampoo: Isn't this just everyone's go to, oily hair or not? Spraying some dry shampoo into your locks absorbs all the oils and gives you a clean look, as if your hair is freshly washed. I've tried some dry shampoos but my favorite is by far the Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Dry Shampoo. I bought a travel size a few months ago but knew I needed the regular size; it smells great and just sprays on so evenly. It's my favorite.

2. Blow Dry: I am so lazy that I hate blow drying my hair. It makes me hot and gives me anxiety. It's just too much effort for me, even after the keratin. I would much rather just let my hair air dry. There is a trick though. If you blow dry your hair, away from your head, your hair will look less oily after you straighten it. A hair stylist taught me this recently and I attempted it last week. My hair did look better and a little less oily but I still hate blow drying it. Sidenote: Blow dry your hair off your face before you head out because your face has so many oils that it'll make your hair even oiler. 

3. Baby Powder: This is the oldest trick in the book and the best if you don't have any dry shampoo around. A dabble, nickel size amount of baby powder is great to just run through your hair, especially on the roots, will soak up the extra oil. Just be sure to not put too much in your hair so it doesn't turn white. 

4. Headbands: When all else fails, throw your hair up in a sock bun/messy bun or slick it back in a headband. Not having your scalp exposed will give the illusion of not as much grease.

There are definitely some home remedies and products you could try if your hair is a real greasy problem but these are just some quick, easy fixes to get rid of the minimal amount of oil.

What are your oily hair tips? Tell me in the comments so I could add them to my routine!

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