Being home and stuck in the house all week gave me the chance to catch up on my reading. I don't mean books (even though I have been reading "The Engagements" and "The Fault In Our Stars") but articles and fun blog posts that have been floating across the web.

Some of my favorite bloggers, including The College Prepster, Stripes and Sequins, and Design Darling always do a "Weekend Reading/Links to Love" post on Fridays. I always loved seeing what those inspirational ladies were following all week.

This week, I had really bad anxiety and was stressed out for no reason. Post grad is getting to me as is being home--I really just miss my friends. I would also much rather be on a beach somewhere, possibly here?

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I hope summer starts up for me soon but these articles inspired me and entertained me all week.

What inspired you this week?

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