I love using Influenster and I love getting picked for VoxBoxess, a little complimentary gift box filled with lovely goodies from various brands and companies. I've done VoxBoxes in the past but I think the latest one I received is my all time favorite.

I took a survey a few weeks back and was lucky enough to get picked for the Uni Vox Box which was filled with all items for college aged ladies. I usually am patient enough to wait for my box to arrive to see what's inside but after talking with some of my HCBN ladies, I took a peek at the cheat sheet posted on Influenster and was super excited to see what I was receiving.

-Playtex Sport: TMI but I'm particular about these kinds of products so I gave them to my roommate, they're her go to pick!

-Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation: I'm really excited to try this foundation. My skin is still tan from Punta Cana so it's not blending well, as you can see, but once my tan wears off I'm sure this foundation will work wonders. I'm still obsessed with my Maybelline FIT Me Stick foundation so trying this Rimmel London will definitely change up my routine so I'm excited!

-iMPress Press on Manicure: I'm not one for these types of manicure kits because I like the feeling of good, old fashioned nail polish but next time my nails are bare, I might play around with these.

-Pilot Acroball Pen: I'm obsessed with these pens and was so happy when I saw another one in my VoxBox. I received my first Pilot Acroball pen in a Birchbox from forever ago and fell in love with the way it writes. Then I sneakily stole one from my job at school because I couldn't resist. Now, I have this lovely one and I'm simply obsessed. I need to find out where to purchase them and stock up! They really are the best pens.

-Red Rose Real Tea: I'm not big on water enhancers because I like my water plain and simple. These little drops kind of changed my view because they're awesome. I got the Blackcurrant Iced Tea flavor and with just one or two squirts, you have instant iced tea. They're easy to carry and fit perfectly into your bag. (They also make great mixers for Friday and Saturday nights ;) )

-NYC Expert Last Lip Color: I was so excited to see a bright pink lipstick in this Vox Box because spring is sprung and I can't wait to rock this color again. NYC is a brand that I stopped using a while ago but I'm surprisingly reminded how awesome it is, even at it's really cheap price. This lipstick is great quality, smooth and super bright. 

Did you receive your UNI VoxBox? What was your favorite product?

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