When I went home before Spring Break, I realized that I had a subscription to Glamour. I had two months worth of magazines (which I had previously bought at CVS) waiting for me on my kitchen table. Needless to say I was confused because I don't remember ordering a subscription. 

I am happy about this surprise subscription though, because now I save money each month on my favorite magazine!

For the month of April, I was so excited that they had Lena Dunham on the cover. I love her and 'Girls' even though I totally missed the third season (not having HBO can do that to a girl) so I was really happy that Glamour was honoring Dunham.

Newsstand Cover

My cover

Interesting fact, if you take a look at the subscription cover of Glamour compared to the tablet or newsstand edition, the covers are drastically different. The subscription cover that I received in the mail was really plain and simple. I don't really like it but I understand that Anna Wintour is trying to 'vogue' up Glamour and making it a little more sophisticated like her pride and joy, Vogue.

The issue was pretty hefty but it was filled with a lot of ads, which I honestly really enjoyed. I think companies are really stepping up their ad games, I've noticed in recent months that the advertisements in magazines are much more interesting and lively. 

There were a few highlights from this issue which isn't a surprise because every month Glamour brings their A game.

Letter to the Editor: I've grown to love the little editor's notes at the beginning of every magazine. Getting an inside look into the brain behind the magazine fascinates me. This month, Cindi Leive wrote something about what to say when you're interviewing for a job that struck me.  She said the best thing to say and something that would automatically result in a hire for her is, "I really want to work here and this position sounds perfect. What can I do to persuade you I'm the one?" I love that and I honestly might use it!!

My Dos and Don'ts for a Happy Life--Pg 70: Glamour Dos and Don'ts are my favorite part of the magazine but this month there was a little spin on it. Cecily Strong of SNL fame wrote this little column and it stayed with me. I love reading what other people do to relax and unwind and what makes them happy so reading what she does to remain positive really helped me and I think I'm going to use a lot of her advice.

This Month in Nails--Pg 120: Usually Glamour does "This Month in Outfits" which they did include but they gave a little spin for the Spring months and did a calendar of nail ideas. I love nail polish and nail art, as if you didn't already know that so seeing a bunch of different ideas was cool.

How a Beauty Editor Shops for Spring--Pg 134: I'm a nosy person with a an appetite for curiosity so seeing what a high profiled beauty editor of a magazine picks for her beauty products for springtime satisfies that need for nosiness. I love discovering new beauty products so this little feature was awesome.

Your Skin Diet--PG 136: Since I got back from vacation (and even before) I've been trying to take better care of my skin aka moisturizing and lathering up on the lotion every chance I get. Seeing what you should be using for different skin problems was eye opening and so helpful

The Not Good Enough Trap-- Pg 170: Going with the 'Girls' theme of the issue, my alter ego Soshanna aka Zosia Mamet wrote this beautiful feature about what it means to not feel good enough and how we view ourselves in a negative way. She asks the question "When?" as referring to when do we start seeing ourselves negatively. It was really well written and just kind of hit home for me.

How to Get Hired--Pg 175: Confession, I didn't read this section in it's entirety but I plan on sitting down one day and reading it over and over again. This is the ultimate handbook on how to job hunt, write a killer cover letter and resume, and how to nail the interview. This is something so essential to my life now, whether I want to admit it or not so I'm eternally grateful to Glamour for this little tidbit.

Lena Dunham Interview--Pg 217: I'm obsessed with this interview. Dunham is so real, so raw, so what you would expect from her. She is just as quirky as Hannah Marin but so down to earth and so rational. She has her head on straight and really is a role model for an entire generation. This interview proved that.

Did you read this month's Glamour? What was your favorite part? Tell me in the comments!

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