I'm severely depressed and I don't know when I'm going to snap out of it. I do not want to be back here in chilly NYC but would rather have a drink in my hand, on the beach in sunny Punta Cana. Me and my friends had been planning this trip for months and in the blink of an eye, it's over. I can't even begin to explain how fast it went; I felt like I had just arrived when I was packing my bags to return home.

It was an interesting week, as you can imagine; 15 fraternity and sorority college students, some who were best friends and others who were strangers. Imagine 15 college students traipsing through an airport together at 6am. It was really aggressive (aggressive was the word of the trip); we were cranky and bitchy and rude but we had a lot of laughs. I wouldn't have had it any other way.

As you can imagine, I don't travel well. My nerves are always high and I get really anxious but traveling with my friends was a lot different. I was really calm and the plane ride was actually a lot of fun.

Once we got to Punta Cana though, it was on. An all inclusive vacation was the best thing to happen to me and my friends. All we could eat and drink for five days straight. There was no place I would rather be. 

The weather was positively beautiful; laying on a beach all day and partying all night was perfection. The resort we stayed out was definitely not what I imagined; there were a lot of families and hardly any Spring Break college students so me and my friends definitely made our own fun.

The trip did not come without tensions; I got really, really tan and eventually looked like I was deformed. I got stung by a bee and my lips got really swollen. We went on a cruise and I got sea sick and threw up off the side of the boat. My friend Tayler got his wallet stolen but then returned, stepped on glass and cut his hand. My other friends cut their toes and got really bad sunburn. It was really aggressive all around. 

That made the trip so much better though. I don't mean to humble brag but me and my friends are truly some of the funniest, most outrageous people out there. We kept saying ridiculous things that I wrote down in my phone because they were too insane to not write down and remember. 

This vacation really made me fall deeper in love with all my friends because they're truly one of a kind.

With beautiful weather, good vibes and great friends, you can truly make the best out of any situation. This trip was the definition of that; of course it was a typical college Spring Break in some aspects but being with my friends made me realize that you can make your own fun, no matter where you are. 

My Spring Break was filled with incredible memories, lots and lots of laughs, and my best friends. Seriously, these people became my family...literally. We kept pretending we were on a family vacation but I guess you had to be there #Griswolds. 

Punta Cana 2014, you will be missed. I wish I was on the beach with a Banana Mama in my hand or at the Bellini Bar. Now it's back to reality and time to face the truth...I graduate in less than 2 months.

Cheers to #SpringBreakForever

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