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Pretty Little Liars returns to ABC Family tonight and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't completely excited. I've been watching PLL since the first episode, I've read all the books and I'm guilty of live tweeting the episodes. I cannot get enough of this overdramatic teenage soap opera.

I totally understand why some people loathe PLL: the acting is mediocre, the story lines are totally out there and when it's on, it's all us girls talk about. I could see how it could get on people's nerves but I don't care. I'm addicted and I love it.

Whenever a season ends, I'm already looking forward to the next one so tonight is going to be wonderful. 

Pretty Little Liars is known for it's outlandish plots and stunning cliffhangers. There is hardly an episode where my jaw doesn't drop and I'm not shocked by something that happened. I'm usually good with predicting where a show will go but PLL keeps me guessing.

There have been some crazy, jaw dropping moments on this show so I thought I'd share a few favorites of mind. 

// Ezra is Maybe A: At the end of last season, we saw Ezra Fitz be revealed in a black hoodie, in one of A's lairs and all the viewers assumed he was part of the A team. This came as a huge surprise because it's Mr. Fitz! He loves Aria, how could he betray her this way?! A lot of viewers think that Ezra is playing devil's advocate and helping to protect Aria. We shall see! 

// The Dolls: Oh my God! This was probably the scariest scene I've ever seen on PLL and to this day, I cannot watch it with almost crying. In season two, the Liars are obviously looking for A and the trail leads them to a doll shop where they find a talking doll that looks like Alison. It's terrifying so I'll let you see for yourself. 

// Toby is A: I am almost positive this was the biggest cliffhanger I've ever experienced. I screamed so loud when I watched this episode. All my friends warned me that it was going to drive me crazy and they were right. I was shaking, crying and just could not handle it. I was never expecting this and was totally heart broken knowing that Toby was going against Spencer, even if it turned out to be not true. 

// Someone is in the ground: This moment really freaked me out. I was highly disturbed by this scene. Seeing Ali (I think it was Ali) reaching out for help, knowing that she was buried alive, it gave me the chills. This is what Pretty Little Liars is all about

// A's Lair is Revealed: After we found out that Mona was A, we see her in her lair. It was covered with photos of the girls and A. There is so much freaky stuff in this scene, I can't even watch it. 

Honorable Mentions: Spencer becomes part of the A Team, Hanna gets hit by a car, Mona is A, Ali is alive, Jenna gets her sight back.

Maybe I'm just a baby but Pretty Little Liars scares me and I refuse to watch it by myself at night. That's how scared I get. Either way, I am so excited for the new season and can't wait to see what the Liars get themselves into.

Do you watch PLL? What are your favorite moments? Tell me in the comments!

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