And so it has begun. The second semester is just getting started and it's going to be simply wonderful. College students everywhere are starting to trek back to campus with Vera Bradley duffel bags and new clothes from Christmas. 

The excitement is nearly killing everyone, including myself. As I write this, I've been back at school for four hours and I'm patiently waiting to get out of work and see all my friends. Being away from campus for  a month is too long to some people and not nearly enough to others. 

The second semester, no matter if you're a freshmen or a senior, is always an odd adjustment. Sometimes you can flow back into your routines and other times, you know that summer is drawing nearer.

I always like to think of the second semester as a second chance. It's not the end but just a chance to fix things you messed up in the first semester. It's a fresh start and there is so much potential. Don't get stuck in the second semester slump, no matter what year of college you're in.

Here are some tips to make the second semester the best one yet:

Don't say no: First semester, you might've stayed in a few Friday nights while your friends went out to a party or even just to a movie. This time around, no matter the activity, do not say no. It's not worth it; take advantage of every single day you have because soon enough, the semester will be over or worse, you'll graduate. Live life like a 20 something college student; you're allowed to be reckless and go out on a Tuesday night. Do it! 

Recruitment: I don't know how other schools do it, but my school has Spring recruitment for Greek life and it's bigger than the Fall. If your school has Spring recruitment and you didn't get a chance to go out previously, do it this time around. Greek life will make your second semester 10x better. You will not regret it.

Get that GPA up: Even if you have new classes this semester, it's still a chance to take your classes more seriously and get organized. The spring semester is a little longer than the Fall and you'll be adjusted into your dorm and campus by now so you don't have that excuse. Go to the library, make those flash cards and do your work. It's really great to have fun but you're at college to get an education.

Do something different: Within the first few weeks of the spring semester, everyone's attitudes are so fresh and new. Everyone is in the best mood so take advantage of that. Step outside your comfort zone: join a new club you meant to do last semester, hang out with people you lost touch with, or even make new friends. 

Second semester is time to put your best foot forward. It's your chance to make something new; in some cases, like myself, it's your last go around, the last hoorah. My goodness that depressed me.

No matter what, make the second semester of college count. You won't regret it. 

What are your second semester tips?

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