It's a mere five days before Christmas and I have yet to do any of my Christmas shopping. I blame finals, laziness, and having no money. 

I would not touch a mall with a ten foot pole a week before Christmas so I've been wracking my brain for quick, adorable last minute gifts that would make anyone smile!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Alex and Ani Bracelets: This brand has blown up in the past year and a half. Everyone has Alex and Ani bracelets now and why wouldn't you? They are adorable, personal and the perfect gift for any girl in your life. There's a bracelet for everyone and if your receiver isn't a bracelet person, Alex and Ani have necklaces, rings and earrings also!

Essie Nail Polish Sets: This can be said for any nail polish but Essie is my favorite. Running to your local drug store and picking up the latest nail polish (bonus points if they come in an adorable little set like Essie's Winter 2013 Collection) is a great gift! Everyone could use a new color to add to their collection and it's a perfect little stocking stuffer. 

Birchbox Gift Subscription: I miss my Birchbox dearly and am awaiting the day when I have enough money to buy a new subscription. Last Christmas I bought my mom a three month subscription to my favorite subscription box service and it's honestly a truly easy gift for just about anyone. Who wouldn't want to receive some beauty goodies in the mail? 

Netflix Giftcard: Netflix was the word of the year in 2013; everything from Arrested Development to Orange is the New Black to binge watching Breaking Bad...everyone was on Netflix. It's the perfect way to spend Christmas break so buy your friends and family a Netflix giftcard--they will thank you later when they're all caught up on Gossip Girl.

What are your picks for last minute Christmas gifts?

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