I am the complete opposite of the Grinch. I love Christmastime and I. By the time I get home from school, I feel like Christmas is over even though it hasn't even truly started. The Christmas season is so much fun to me; my favorite thing to do is sit by my Christmas tree, watch Christmas movies and drink holiday Starbucks.

My other favorite part of Christmas is baking. I'm no Betty Crocker but Pinterest has provided me with the tips and tricks to make any Christmas incredibly sweet. My baked goods don't always come out as Pinterest worthy but they're decent.

My mom is having Christmas Eve at our house this year which means I will be in true Christmas spirit, including helping her set up and cook. Me and my sister are in charge of dessert so I'm going to try my hand at an intricate recipe.

Here are some that I'm thinking of:
None of these photos are my own 

What are your favorite cookies and desserts to make during Christmas?

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