I've been in denial all week after some news that was released on Tuesday. I couldn't believe it when I heard it and I wished that this day would never come. I've thought about the day quite often over the past few years but I never thought it would actually happen.

The Jonas Brothers have broken up.

Yes, they are a band of brothers and they can never truly break up but they will cease to exist in pop culture. 

I don't think I've mentioned it before but if you were my friend from 2007-2009, you probably hated me. You probably thought I was insane, psychotic and needed some kind of therapy. That's because I was beyond in love, obsessed or as I'd like to say, dedicated, to the Jonas Brothers. 

I spent hundreds of dollars on concert tickets, camped out over night in Manhattan to see them on Good Morning America, bought multiple copies of every album and pretty much threw a tantrum and sobbed my eyes out every time their names were mentioned.

I'm not proud of it, not proud of it at all.

It was pretty much all me and my friends talked about, I was convinced that me and Nick Jonas were meant to be together. I once fell down the stairs of Madison Square Garden at Jingle Ball 2007 because I was so excited to see the JB. I left the concert with bruises, frizzy hair and a mascara stained face.

Aside from the craziness that was my fangirl days, I loved the Jonas Brothers for their music and their personalities. They were the first band that I ever really loved and believe it or not, shaped my music taste and a lot of other qualities about me.

It may sound corny but they meant a lot to me.

I was devastated when they went their separate ways in 2010 but thrilled when they announced a comeback earlier in the year. A few weeks ago when they cancelled their tour and deleted their twitter account, the fandom went into a frenzy and I knew the end was near. 

This week, the brothers made an official announcement that they will not release their new album and they are done with music as a group, for good. I think I was in a state of shock until I watched my favorite boys on Good Morning America, explaining why they decided to call it quits.

They said that they felt that it was time, they are in different places in their life and they had too many disagreements over where they want the music to go. 

In all honesty, watching the montage GMA put together of all the accomplishments they have achieved, their music videos, their concerts...seeing how far they have come is what put me over the edge. I am so sad that we won't be getting a new album but the boys did say that they will be releasing four unreleased songs from said album. 

The Jonas Brothers have definitely had their time to shine. They aren't the same people anymore and their fans, we, aren't the same people anymore. It was an incredible journey, being their fan since the very beginning, before the self titled album was even released, and it has been amazing to watch someone's dreams come true.

It may sound silly and corny and immature but it's the truth. 

In honor of the JB, here are some of my favorite songs:

Please Be Mine

Black Keys

When You Look Me in the Eyes

Take A Breath

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