If you read my review on the Her Campus Survival Kit posted earlier in the week, you saw that I received some free swag from the lovely people over at Poppin. 

Poppin is a relatively new, small company with big plans and big dreams for their customers. They pride themselves on bringing gorgeous, fun and simple office supplies to people who want to match their personalities to their office supplies.

I am a resident lover and supporter of anything adorable that helps me stay organized. I crave the aisles at Staples and Target that are filled with pens, notebooks and calendars. Poppin is right up my alley because everything is so adorable. 

After receiving my pink pens and notebooks in the survival kit, I stalked the Poppin website to find some more cute supplies that I don't really need but that I really, really want.

Here are some of my favorites!

Check out Poppin's website! 

What are you favorite office supplies? Tell me in the comments!

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