At the end of last month, I thought I cancelled my Ipsy Glam Bag. I was perfectly fine with the choice because like I said, I'm a broke college student.

That is why I was very surprised when I saw a charge for Ipsy on my bank statement two weeks ago. I was confused and after contacting Ipsy, they said that my subscription wasn't originally cancelled but they cancelled it for future months.

I still received the September glam bag that I was charged for and honestly, it was a nice surprise and I was really happy with what I got.

The bag this month is an adorable royal blue with a cool design (still not as great as the Glamour Academy bag last month). I saw on Ipsy that you could get a Butter London nail polish this month and I really really wanted that but no such luck.

This wasn't that bad of a Glam Bag though:

1. Freeman Facial Masks

I got three packets of facial masks which I was pretty content with. I love face masks and I'm always looking for new ones to try. The ones I got were the Star Fruit Purifying Paper Mask, the Blue Agave Hydrating Paper Mask, and the Rose Facial Brightening Paper Mask. I'm excited to try all of these because the mask that I usually use is a regular cucumber avocado. It'll be nice to try something else!

I never use eye pencils that you need to sharpen; I much prefer mechanical or felt tip eyeliners. This is a game changer though; I used it this weekend and I'm in love. The pencil is silky smooth, applies beautifully, and doesnt' feel chalky. It's a beautiful, simple black but the pencil feels and looks so differently than a mechanical pencil. It's much easier to control how much is applied.

I received a Cailyn Eyeliner in a purple color a few months back and really loved it. I was happy when I saw another Cailyn product in this month's bag. Tinted lip balm is my new beauty favorite and this red color is perfect for every day wear.

I never buy single, stand alone eyeshadows because I always have these huge eyeshadow palettes that have every color under the sun. I have started to love NYX brand after getting a NYX blush in one of my other Ipsy bags so I was pretty happy when I got this gray eyeshadow. It's such a good fall color and perfect for blending with other colors. I think that this charcoal shadow is great for a smoky eye. I used it as a stand alone this weekend and it had just the right amount of shimmer and metallic coloring--gorgeous!

I have had such a love hate relationship with mascara recently. I don't know what is a good mascara and what's a bag one--they are so hit or miss with me nowadays. This one isn't one the favorite mascara's I've tried. It makes my lash long but kind of lumpy; it doesn't really add volume. It was kind of a disappointment but maybe I just need to use it a few more times before I start to like it.

This glam bag was a nice surprise, even though I didn't want to pay the extra $10, it was still something good to look forward too!

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