iOS7: Perfect in Every Way

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I've been an avid iPhone lover for the past year now but I've been a tech junkie since I could remember. I was always a computer junkie, since my AOL Kids days. I'm the resident Geek Squad member in my home because I know how to fix the computer whenever it's down. 

I somehow just understand computers and everything that goes along with them; I am by no means a computer science major but I know my way around.

I get extremely excited when there are new tech gadgets being released, especially by my beloved Apple. That's why I had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the brand, spanking new operating system to come to all iPhones and iPads.

iOS7 came out last week and blew up the internet. Service was down, it took hours to download the update and there were some glitches but it's also very exciting that my iPhone was going to get a new look.

I had seen pictures of the update but nothing beats using it for the first time. It took me a total of 2 hours to complete the update on my iPhone 4S but less than an hour on my iPad. Immediately, I fell in love with iOS7.

I had seen throughout the day people were very iffy about the new operating system; a lot of people didn't like it and wished they had never updated while others were on the fence. I hardly saw anyone that was in love with it.

I was one of that small percentage that was obsessed and still am, five days later. Yes, it does look very similar to the Windows phones and it's sort of two dimensional but it's Apple and I will pretty much love anything new that they put out.

I love how the icons are flat on your home screen, I love the bright colors and the new lock screen. I love how the background is bigger and doesn't have that weird spilt screen look like the old operating system. 

One great feature is that there will be no more annoying notifications from the app store that your apps are due to be updated. That's because the app store will now be updating apps automatically and you'll get that notification (not a pop up) if your control center. 

The new control center is something I'm still getting used too but I do like the sleek look of it. I am also obsessed with how everything is white, like the keyboard.

To me, iOS7 is how an iPhone and an iPad were always meant to look. It's a no frills, simple and colorful look and I think it's utterly perfect.

My favorite part of the entire update? iTunes radio! I love Pandora but I hated how they would play the most random songs on stations I loved. iTunes Radio is completely changing Pandora and going to give them a run for their money. iTunes Radio has great stations and even though it's kind of similar to Pandora, there are so many different things in my opinion.

They have featured radio stations, iTunes top 100 stations, and the ability to buy the songs you're listening too. 

I've already deleted the Pandora app and fell in love with iTunes radio.

All in all, I am completely happy with the iOS7 update. I cannot get enough of this new look and operating system, I've fallen in love with my iPhone all over again!

Have you downloaded iOS7? What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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