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Leave your mark on those cinderblock walls of the dorm hall! Or, at least do the best you can. Here are some of the cutest accessories that will help make your dorm feel like your own.

Chevron Bedding
Brighten up that boring white dorm room with some fun bedding! Plus, through August 31, you can get 15% off any order at Just use the code DORMIFY17 at checkout. (Paintica Chevron Comforter Set, $149, Dormify)

Monogram Throw Pillow

Add a personal touch to your new home! Order a customized pillow for your bed. It will be the trendiest décor in your dorm! (Navy Blue/White Monogram Chevron Pattern Throw Pillow, $66.95, Zazzle)

Sleeping Mask
You will be happy to have this adorable sleeping mask for times when your roomie is up late studying. There is nothing worse than trying to sleep with a light on! (In Your Suite Dreams Eye Mask, $24.99, ModCloth)

Alarm Clock Dock
This cool stand instantly turns your iPhone into a state-of-the-art alarm clock! You just have to download the free Snooze app. The app turns your screen into a dimmable clock display. Then, set your phone in the docking station. To turn off or snooze the alarm, you simply hit the rub bar across the top of the docking station. This is definitely the best alarm clock ever! Get free first class shipping in the US by entering discount code FREE1STCLASS at checkout. (Snooze, $49.99, Distilunion)

Jewelry Stand

Obviously, the dresser in your dorm room won’t be very spacious. Unfortunately, that can pose a problem when it comes to storing jewelry. But have no fear! This jewelry stand will solve your problems, conveniently helping you to store your precious jewels. It even has two dishes to hold rings and post earrings! (Bird Bath Jewelry Stand, $19.99, Urban Outfitters)

Fashionable Tape Dispenser
Add a bit of flair to your desk with a fun tape dispenser. This sassy high-heel version is très chic! (Scotch Honeysuckle High-Heel Shoe Desktop Dispenser With Magic Tape, $9.99, Staples)

Cord Tags

Between your laptop, printer, TV, speakers, lamp, fridge, and all those other wires, there will be way too many cords to keep track of. And there is nothing more annoying than being contorted into an awkward position as you try to find the right cord to plug in. Lucky for you, these organizers attach to each cord with a space to write what it is used for. Now, you can easily identify every cord in your room! (Talk Bubble Cord, $8, Umbra)

Computer Mouse

After tapping and clicking on your laptop’s keyboard all day, your wrists will likely start to get tired. Keep this compact computer mouse in your dorm room. You can use it when you’re working at your desk. Your wrists will thank you! (Wireless Mouse M325, $29.99, Logitech)

Colorful Magazine Files
Put all of your folders and favorite magazines in these fun organizers. They will brighten up your desk area, and help you stay organized! (Bright Stockholm Magazine Files, $7.99 each, The Container Store)

Miniature Speakers
These speakers may be small, but they are powerful! Plus, they are equipped with Bluetooth technology. This means that you can connect to them from up to 30 feet away, without any tangling cords. (Jam Plus Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, $59.99, HMDX)

Add a nice touch to your desk space with this USB hub. This handy device will provide you with plenty of USB ports. You’ll easily be able to plug all of your gadgets into your laptop at once! (USB Tulip Hub, $24, Fred Flare)

Fun Wall Clock
Brighten those barren walls with an adorable clock. It’s so cute that you won’t be able to avoid looking at it. Hey, at least you’ll never be late to class again! (Pink Anchor Silhouette Round Wall Clock, $22.95, Zazzle)

Folding Chair
Dorms are tiny. You probably won’t have any seating options other than your bed and desk chair. So keep this light-weight chair folded up when not in use. It’s very thin, which makes storage easy. Then pull it out when your hall-mates want to have a movie marathon! (Room Essential Waffle Chair, $39.99, Target)

Personalized Wall Art
A personal touch can go a long way when decorating. Pick up a letter for both you are your roomie to help make the space a bit more personal. (Acid Etched Letter, $12, Urban Outfitters)

Bulletin boards are a dorm necessity. Where else will you show off those pictures from the party last night?! And you can also use them for school reminders as well. (Talk Corkboards Small, $15, Umbra)

Post-It Pad
A mega-sized Post-It does exist! Just like you would expect, this big guy has a sticky back. Slap it on your dorm wall to keep track of anything from homework assignments to upcoming football games. (Post-It 22-Inch Big Pad in Electric Blue, $19.99, Staples)

Helpful Hangers
These hangers are both super durable and really helpful. They have hooks to aid in hanging spaghetti-strap tops or accessories.  (Olka Hangers, $3.99 for 3, The Container Store)

Towel Wrap
Slip on this cute towel wrap after your shower, and wear it as you get ready. It has a Velcro top to ensure that it stays in place. Plus, the terry cloth fabric is super cozy. You’ll want to basically live in it! (Room Essentials Floral Body Wrap in Teal, $9.99, Target)

Colorful Towels
You’ll be sharing your showering space with friends and foe. So make sure that your towels are as cute as your wardrobe. Grab a set of one of these Kate Spade towels, in a bright color. (Kate Spade New York Larabee Dot Bath Towels, $7.99-$24.99 each, Bed Bath & Beyond)

Keep all of your class assignments and note papers in one place, with this cute metallic binder! You’ll easily have the best classroom accessory. (Greenroom 1-Inch Metallic Dot Binder, $5.98, Target)

I hope you liked my back-to-school dorm picks. Make sure to visit my own blog, itsemmaelise, for more fun posts!  emma

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