This summer has been quite the busy one for me. I barely have time to relax or any time to see my friends at home. It has been a whirlwind summer, so many exciting things have been happening and it delights me to the fullest.

Even though it's been an incredible few months, I can't help but feel overwhelmed by everything that has been happening. So much has happened and changed for me since I came home from my junior year in May, I wonder how things will change even further once I enter senior year. 

This was my last summer, the last summer vacation I ever had and I spent it working my butt off. I don't regret that in the slightest though, even if it was tough at first.

Between interning, working a part time job, running the blog, and a few other side projects, I haven't had a moment to breathe. I am awesome at time management and great at juggling a bunch of different hats, during the school year. I've never had to deal with this much on my plate during the down time that is supposed to be summer vacation so it was definitely an adjustment. 

The first few weeks were the toughest and I found my feet and was able to handle everything. I figured out a routine and even though I haven't had much time to hang out with my friends and go out, enjoying summer time, I am happy doing what I'm doing this summer. When I go back to school in three weeks, I will fully embrace my senior year and have fun. For now, I will work.

I will be better off in the long run, I know I will. Because I worked so hard this summer, achieving so many goals and milestones, it will help me achieve my biggest dreams. I have to believe that.

It all comes down to work-life balance. Working at Levo this summer has taught me SO much about the career life women want, deserve, and have. One of the biggest challenges women all over, from every industry face is the challenge of work-life balance.

Balancing your work life and your personal life is something no one will ever get right. I've heard from so many career experts and mentors on Levo say that work-life balance does not exist. We cannot achieve this balance we all crave. 

What we should start to think of balance as is integration. Your career is not some separate part of your life, it is not imaginary. Your work and career IS your life, you have to think of personal and professional as one, not separate.  Keep one calendar for personal and professional engagements, don't schedule work over personal plans that you have already in place. There are so many tips and tricks to achieving work-life integration. 

Applying those tips and advice to my own life this summer has helped SO much and it's something I will carry with me forever.

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