Oh look, another sorority post from Royally Pink, what a surprise! I cannot help my addiction and true love for my sorority and all things Greek life so gear up! 

Nahal emailed me about her wonderful site GreekCoverPhotos where her and her team design gorgeous Facebook cover photos to represent your sorority. 

I am all for showing more Greek pride wherever and whenever I can so I immediately looked at the site and fell in love.

The cover photos are of ultra high quality and are so beautifully designed, I can't even begin to put into words. There is a great range of photos with different designs, with sorority symbols, letters, and full names. They even have fun, little sayings related to your sorority, which is always my favorite!

Here are some of my favorite Phi Sigma Sigma cover photos that GreekCoverPhotos designed!

I will definitely be adding these to my Facebook; they are just so adorable!

GreekCoverPhotos currently has 11 of the 26 NPC sororities featured on their site but there is a handy form for you request your own, custom cover photo. 

These cover photos are great to get into the spirit of heading back to school soon and get excited to see all your sisters! Also, the custom orders could come in handy when your chapter is gearing up for recruitment or your having a big event on campus.

Facebook and social media is the perfect way to market throughout the school year and get people interested in your chapter and your sorority. Matching cover photos for all your sisters is a subtle way to show people how incredible you are!

Check out GreekCoverPhotos to see if they have your sorority and if not, request one, you will not regret it!

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