I have come to define myself by one thing that means the world to me: my sorority. Some may not understand and some may criticize but those are people who cannot come to terms with the fact that a sorority is not what it seems.

Yes, there are events, there are meetings, charity work, mixers, and rituals but that is not what makes a sorority. Those things are what comes with the membership.

A sorority is none of those things.

A sorority is a sisterhood; it's late nights, it's a helping hand, it's a a shoulder to cry on, it's laughing so hard you can't breathe. 

A sorority is a big, a little, a pledge class, an executive board--all those things combined with a hold so powerful, it cannot be touched.

There is something so strong between the bonds of sisterhood and explaining it to someone who has never experienced it is one of the most difficult tasks.

I am definitely one of the more sentimental girls in my chapter and my sisters love to tease me about it. They love to say that I'll grow up to be the national president or I'll be an advisor--the point being that I love it so much, I'll never be able to leave it behind.

Even with my writing background and my strong passion, putting into words what Phi Sigma Sigma and the entirety of Greek life means to me is something I have never been able to do.

I have been at a lost for words, until now. Until someone else said it for me.

I've had the book, "Sorority Sisters" by Claudia Welch on my to-read list for the past year. I never bought it, other novels always being read first. I thought that it could wait but now I realize that this is a book that CAN'T wait, even though I'm glad I waited till the summer before my senior year to read this tell-tale book on the true meaning of sisterhood.

"Sorority Sisters" is a complementation of stories; it tells the stories of a group of sorority sisters, in the perspective of four different women. We start at the very beginning, fall of the girl's freshmen year in 1975. Yes, the 70s!

You get a glimpse of the old type of Greek life or the Southern kind at least--the Greek row, candle ceremonies, the whole nine yards! But Claudia is careful to not make this about the sorority, it's not about the fictional Beta Pi--it's about the girls who enter the house as strangers and leave as best friends, they leave as sisters.

We follow the women throughout their college career, through dates, mixers, boyfriends, and one night stands.

Diane, Ellen, Laurie, Karen, along with the rest of the Exclusives, as they come to be known as halfway through the story, leave college and go on to live the rest of their lives.

Even though they are not in the sorority house anymore, their relationship has not faultered. The banter they keep up, the conversations, and relationships--they are stronger than ever.

I am amazed by the friendships in this story. They are as strong at the end of the book as they are at the beginning.

I can't say too much without giving the entire story away but I laughed and I cried while reading 'Sorority Sisters'. This is a book, a story, that will fill you with such a strong feeling of love and friendship, nothing else can compare.

When I really lost it, when I really saw what this book was truly about is a quote (that many people highlighted on Kindle) that the character Laurie reads, at a very heart felt, sad moment.

That is such a true quote; that encompasses what it means to be part of a sisterhood. You don't know what it means till you are so far gone, you don't even know where it all began.

Apart from the life lessons and the love that this book showcases, the writing is impeccable. Claudia Welch is an incredible writer. The witty banter and conversation that occurs between the characters is so real, I feel like I'm watching a movie. It's so natural; they discuss things that we don't see in the book. 

They aren't speaking as if they are characters in a book, they are talking as if they are real people.

This is a book that I think every sorority women should read. Even if you're not a sorority, go read it! Nonetheless, it is a story about everlasting friendship.

'Sorority Sisters' will teach you things you have never known and show you the true meaning of what it means to be part of a sisterhood

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  1. I will have to check this out! I had not heard of this book before :)

  2. this has been on my reading list for so long and I really want to read it this summer, like you, I am going into my senior year of college and I don't know where I would be had it not been for my sorority sisters.

    1. I completely agree! I would be nowhere without my sisters; this is such a great book to read if you're in a sorority!