The fabulous optical company, Warby Parker, is introducing a new sunglasses collection called Ocean Avenue.

The company is relatively new but is so up and coming in the world of glasses--everyone is falling in love one by one. The great thing about Warby Parker? For every pair of glasses purchased, another pair is given to someone in need.

The Ocean Avenue collection is Parker's newest addition to their stylish line of optical wear. It debuts on their website today and it is incredible!

The collection is classified as a vintage, summer collection that will either make you feel like you're in the 70s or present day. It's an old look with a modern twist that is simply thrilling.

Ocean Avenue was inspired by New York in the summertime; the sun, tanning, and Coney Island. A perfect summer cult film, "The Warriors" was the basis for the new collection, says the co-founder and co-CEO Neil Blumenthal.

The collection consists of eight different optical frames and 14 different types of sunglasses. They come in a variety of different colors and prints such as Sea Glass Blue, Driftwood, Orange Fizz, and Chocolate Soda. The names of the colors alone are enough to make you crave that hot, summer sunshine.

After looking through the collection, I want to buy every single pair. There is such an old fashion feel to the glasses, it's a perfect fit for anyone who has that sense of style. Even if you aren't into vintage, there is a pair of glasses in the Ocean Avenue collection for you. 

I definitely have my favorites whether it's sunglasses or eyewear.

Preston in Pearled Tortoise

Percey in Burnt Lemon Tortoise

Jasper in Newsprint Grey

Wheeler in Chocolate Soda

Winston in Cream Soda

Jules in Marbled Charcoal (MY FAVORITE!)

The entire collection is spectacular, filled with designs that make you wish you were born in a different time. The colors are unique along with the shapes of the glasses. There is something in Ocean Avenue for everyone.

Here is the entire collection:

Although, if this collection isn't your piece of cake, Warby Parker has other wonderful options, both sunglasses and eyeglasses

If you're interested in any of these fabulous eyewear, Warby Parker has a great feature called Home Try On where you can order five pairs of glasses for free to keep for five days. You have the chance to try on the glasses and see which you like best before buying them.

Warby Parker is a great company that breathes life into your glasses. With low prices and beautiful designs and frames, you cannot go wrong with anything from this company. 

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