It's officially summer and the heat has turned all the way up. When it's scorching outside, the last thing I want to do is cake heavy makeup onto my face. I hardly wear foundation but even putting liquid or powder bronzer feels like a lot.

That's why the invention of BB Creams is so wonderful! One package and it gives you everything you could want in makeup. Foundation, bronzer, concealer, SPF, and more! I have developed a little obsession and have been experimenting with different brands.

I've talked before about the Urban Decay Naked Skin BB Cream and my tube is almost used up, therefore, I did some research and went to the drug store to buy a cheaper BB cream. At $34 a tube, Urban Decay can be classified as a luxury and I needed something that wouldn't put a dent in my wallet.

After reading a good amount of reviews, I decided to buy the Garnier BB Cream; it's a pretty decent sized bottle for around $13. I thought I could deal with it.

I tried it out immediately and was slightly confused. Garnier's BB cream is very watery, definitely more liquid than the Urban Decay. Urban Decay has a more moisturizing feel while Garnier felt like I was applying foundation.

Garnier's BB Cream was semi heavy and didn't give me as much of a bronzed look. The coverage on the Garnier BB Cream was actually pretty great, a little better than Urban Decay but the too liquidly formula was too much of a deal breaker for me; every time I touched my face, the BB Cream came off.

I couldn't deal with that.

I tried to use it a few more times but I just wasn't feeling it. I still had to use a powder bronzer with Garnier and I didn't like the extra layer, especially in the hot weather. Maybe I'll like it better in the winter but for now, I'm sticking with Urban Decay.

I went back to the drugstore last week and thought about buying another BB Cream, whether it was Maybelline or the new Olay BB Cream but then I decided, I never splurge on makeup. I always buy drugstore brands.

I always see people posting their favorite luxury make up products and I realized I don't have one. I then decided to not try another cheaper BB Cream; I found one I liked and I'm going to stick with it. 

I've had the Urban Decay Naked Skin for over three months and there's still a good amount left in it. I could definitely afford the $34 every few months or so.

My mom told me that I shouldn't fix something if it's not broken so I will be sticking with Urban Decay as my choice BB Cream for now.

What's your favorite BB Cream?

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