Another monday, another week, another fresh mani.

I have a terrible problem with constantly switching my polish, even if the polish isn't chipped or smuged. I just love a fresh nail color, always.

This week, the color is courtesy of my roommate and her nail polish obsession. She purchased one of the Essie Spring 2013 Madison Ave-hue Collection.

When I first saw these polishes, I flipped but never purchased. WOMP WOMP. That's why I was so excited when I saw that my roomie did in fact jump on that Spring Collection train and purchased the lovely blue shade of Avenue Maintain. 

The color is a little darker in the picture because in person, it's much more of a sky blue. The formula in this polish is also fabulous, one of the best Essie I've tried in a while.

I'm simply obsessed with this color and I might have to go out and add it to my own personal collection.

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