I have such a great love for musicals. I never realized my appreciation for musicals until someone else said they didn't like them and I got very defensive.

What is there not to like about a musical? Yes, they are corny and out there because no one just erupts into a musical number in the middle of the street or their school hallway but that's why I do like them. They are unlike any other film out there and there is a musical for everyone.

Musicals are SO much fun! My family has a little obsession with them because all our favorite movies are musicals, including mine.

I was completely thrilled when I found out that this year's Academy Awards was going to feature a tribute to musicals and as John Travolta, the King of the musical (aka Danny Zuko) introduced the tribute, I got inspired to list my favorite musicals of all time.

1. Grease

UM, THIS IS MY FAVORITE MOVIE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. I saw this when I was seven years old when my aunt showed it to me, my sisters, and my cousins one night. I was completely smitten and fell in love with Danny Zuko; I wanted to be a Pink Lady and I wanted to be the one that you want. This is a movie I could never get sick of, mostly because it reminds me of my childhood and instills such a happy memory in me. I've seen this movie more times than any other one and I'll continue watching and loving for the rest of my life.

2. West Side Story

The same night that I watched "Grease", I also watched this movie. Tony and Maria were a modern day Romeo and Juliet and the entire movie is based around our favorite Shakespeare tale. The Jets and the Sharks, the forbidden love, the school dance...it's all so great! Dancing in the streets is a classic musical move and West Side Story embodies that perfectly. Aside from being a great musical, this is  classic, timeless film.

3. Hairspray

John Travolta, we meet again. In the first week this movie was in theaters, I bought a bootleg copy and watched it 15 times. That's a bit excessive but honestly, this is a great movie. Look at the cast! John Travolta, Christopher Walken, Zac Efron, and Amanda Bynes! The talent is incredible, it's a great story, and it features such happy music. I could watch "Hairspray" forever and I think I just might.

4. High School Musical

Can I be my 12 year old self again who loves Zac Efron? Either way I'm a 20 year old girl who still loves Troy Bolton. This was a modern day, horribly made "Grease" but I don't really care. This movie was my adolescence and I loved every minute of it. This put Disney Channel and Zac Efron on the map and I'm obsessed. I always will be. Yes, it's the corniest movie ever made and it's also pretty terrible but it's High School Musical--if you aren't all in this together, then just get out.

5.  The Sound of Music

This to me is the original musical. It is the quintessential musical that has everything a musical should: a great story line, happy music, and a beautiful love story. If you don't sing "My Favorite Things" on a daily basis, then do you really love musicals?

I understand that these aren't "classic" musicals like "Les Mis", "Singin in the Rain," and "Chicago," but these are my favorites and always will be.

What are your favorite musicals?

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