All the manicure mondays I do are manicure that I give myself. And when I say manicure, I mostly mean just giving myself a fresh, different coat of polish. I rarely get into the nitty gritty of giving myself a real manicure. I don't cut my cuticles or file my nails every time I paint my nails only because they don't always need to be.

This week though, I was in need of some major pampering, and true pampering filled with manicures and pedicures.

I went to the nail salon by school with my little on Friday and was surprised by how well the manicure and pedicure was. I rarely try new places because I'm so comfortable with my nail salons at home so this was a pleasant finding.

On my nails, I chose Essie's "Lady Godiva." I never go for dark browns because to me, they always look the same and I was right in the fact that Lady Godiva looks an awful lot like "Wicked", a go to color for pretty much everyone I know. I never got "Wicked" because everyone else did. I'm such a rebel.

I also let the woman doing my manicure to shape them in  a square shape. I usually go for a more rounded look but I thought this would be nice to switch it up.

I'll add something extra on this manicure monday and show my pedicure. 

I love getting pedicures, probably more than the regular person. It's one of the most relaxing things ever in my opinion and I'm pretty much obsessed.

My favorite part of a pedicure? The sea salt mixture they rub on your legs. It's a great exfoliate that feels great and leaves your legs incredibly smooth.

I'm very picky about what colors I put on my toes; I always do lighter colors, even during the winter. I just love the way they look.

This time around I chose a color I've never done, Essie's "Honey Bun". It looks a bit like "In Stitches", a deep coral-like color. I'm pretty obsessed.

What are your nails like on this Manicure Monday?

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