I know I said that I was going to do a Saturday Spotlight but yesterday was crazy trying to get ready for school so here is my Sunday Spotlight!

A few months ago, I discovered Lauren Berger, the Intern Queen. As an aspiring journalist and a person in desperate need and want of an internship, I was intrigued by Lauren and her mission.

I bought and read her book, "All Work, No Pay" and my life was changed. She is a genius; Lauren has had 15 internships in her lifetime and feels that an internship is the best way for a student to learn the field they want or DON'T want to go into.

In her book, she talks about how to go about getting an internship, how to apply for an internship, what to wear to an interview, how to follow up with an internship opportunity...she explains everything you could possibly want to know about getting an internship.

Her website, InternQueen.com, is a goal mine for people who want internships--Lauren and the entire IQ team works with so many different companies and there are actually internships posted on her website and you could apply directly on the website after you create an account.

It's not just learning about internships; Lauren does speaking events, blogs, and is even starting up a book club where you can join and read along with whatever business book we're reading at the moment! 

Lauren sends out such a positive message and you can tell she truly cares about helping students and giving them the resources that she didn't have growing up.

I love the message that Lauren sends out so much, I applied to be an Intern Queen Campus Ambassador and was accepted! 

I am now responsible for spreading the message of Intern Queen every where I go and I couldn't be more excited.

Lauren is such a great person and cares about students and their futures; the rest of the Campus Ambassadors are strong, passionate people who strive to succeed. Working with them is going to be a blessing and I can't wait for the semester to begin so I could further my experience with IQ.

If you're looking into internships or currently have one, go check out InternQueen.com and go buy Lauren's book. It will help you more than you think with advice that you need to know to survive. It is such a learning experience in itself that you will not regret it one bit.

It's great that students nowadays have these amazing resources outside of their campus to help them succeed in life--we need to utilize companies like InternQueen; I've done my learning, now go do yours!

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  1. Love this post, Brianna! I am also a campus ambassador for Intern Queen :) And I'm from Westchester as well. So much in common!!


  2. Ah! Thank you :) It's so nice to meet another campus ambassador :) That is so strange that you're from Westchester, I go to school here so that is pretty cool :)