It's no secret that I'm a passionate person. I throw myself fully into everything that I set my mind too: my sorority, my internships/positions, this blog...I love everything I do.

I am passionate about having a career in the world of journalism. Ever since I could remember, reading and writing were the only two things I ever truly loved. I feel completely at ease with a pen or book in my hand. 

My love for the entertainment industry, also, pushed me into majoring in Journalism at school. I want nothing more to work for MTV, E!, or any other entertainment news outlet. 

As the months have passed, my dreams are changing and I'm more attracted to the lifestyle aspect of journalism--women's interest..anything in that field. The more magazines I read and the more magazine figures I follow, the stronger my desire for a job in the magazine industry is.

I will do whatever it takes to get there because ultimately, no matter what, I want to be happy with my career and also be successful. 

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I spend a lot of time reading up on ways to improve my resume or how to apply for the right internships. I will read anything that will give me advice on being successful in my future.

While on one of these reading binges, I stumbled across an interview that Ed from did with the Editorial Assistant at Glamour, Alison Goldman.

Glamour is by far my favorite magazine and working for them would be my ultimate dream. 

Alison was an intern at Glamour in college and then a little bit after she graduated, she went back to the office to say hello to a few of her former colleagues and at that point, her current boss wanted to speak with her. She was offered a job!

That is every intern's dream, especially if the job you are being offered is basically your dream job.

I found the interview so inspiring that a tear was brought to my eye. A story like Alison Goldman's is the one that I wish for. Reading what she does at Glamour reassures me that it's what I want to do--that my heart is in the right place. 

Also, in the interview, she offered words of advice and wisdom, to help everyone else achieve their dream job.

This semester, my goal is to build my resume and do everything in my power to psyche myself up for applying for summer internships. 

My goal is to be successful and to love what I do. With helpful words from Alison Goldman along with a few other inspiring people, myself, along with all of you, can achieve that same dream.

My advice to all of you? To everyone? Be passionate, it will get you great places in life--I've seen that through experience and from the advice of others. 

What are your career dreams and aspirations?

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