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Can we please take a hot second to discuss the AMAZING finale?

I thought it was amazing but I think I was just so fragile, emotional, and excited, anything would've satisfied me.

After six seasons of constant turbulence, fashion trends, and scheming plans, Gossip Girl came to an end on Monday.

This season went by way too fast but everything that needed to be tied up, was. I was pretty content with everything.

Lets get started:

Chuck and Blair! My beloveds! I love nothing more than Blair Waldorf so when her and Chuck first got together, I was completely disgusted. I loved Nate and Blair more than anything, they were perfect but once the writers started putting Chair together, they became the ultimate Upper East Side power house.

I couldn't get enough of them and the way that they never really were together, the way things kept getting in the way, made everything that much more exciting.

I was happy though to finally see them get married! That was the highlight for me--after all this time, Blair and Chuck were happy!

Dan Humphrey: I have always hated Dan; ALWAYS! I never saw one redeeming quality in Lonely Boy but it just so happens that he was the one in charge all along. 

I won't say I'm disappointed because I'm not but I was secretly hoping it was Georgina or Serena or Derota behind the computer screen. Having Gossip Girl be Dan was perfect though; he was the outsider but secretly, he was the most popular one of all. It makes complete sense and I love it!

Guest Appearances: I love how they brought back Jenny, Eric, Agnes, Juliet, and Vanessa for the reveal of Gossip Girl--it showcased how many people Gossip Girl had affected over the years. I really loved Kristen Bell's guest appearance; a lot of fans were hoping that the voice over of our favorite gossip gal would show her face and she did! 

Those were my top favorite things of the night; I'm not a huge Serena fan so I could really care less about her but I was happy with her and Dan getting married. I did always love her with Nate though...

In the end, Gossip Girl spoke her final words and now we will not be entertained by the scandals of the Upper East Side anymore. 

It's sad because I've been watching this show since high school; I longed to be Blair Waldorf in her cool uniform and stylish headbands. I loved her bitchy ways but how vulnerable she was at the same time. 

This show made me proud to be from New York and made me dream of living in Manhattan some day.

Gossip Girl, whether you like it or not, changed pop culture and affected it in more ways than one.

I'm going to miss everything about the Upper East Side but I guess that's why we have DVD box sets!

Until next time...XOXO Gossip Girl <3

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