Prayers for Newtown

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I am in complete and utter shock at this moment.

I've been struggling all day with how to form my emotions and I have no words, just tears and a heavy heart.

When I heard the news that someone shot up an elementary school I felt complete heartbreak. As the day went on and the death toll went up, my heart felt heavier. It became more real.

This shooting happened so close to home; the shooter lived in Jersey. Having it happen a mere hour away from where you live makes it so much more real, it hits so much closer to home.

I just cannot understand what goes through someone's head; how sick does a person have to be to stand in front of a classroom filled with 20 five year olds, look them straight in the eye, and end their lives?

Those children were innocent; they did nothing wrong in their short lives and now, they will never have the chance to live the life they deserved. 

It makes me sick, it breaks my entire being; those parents send their kids to school today expecting nothing to happen. They were going to go back later and pick them up. It was just another day.

Imagine the parents who fought with the kids that morning? The ones who MADE their kids go to school, despite the children's resistance.

Those parents will live with this day for the rest of their lives; they have to bury their children, all because of some sick person.

I don't know how many more people have to die in order for the government to do something about gun control. 

It should've happened after Columbine, it should've happened after Virginia Tech, it should've happend after Aurora but now 20 children are dead, because some asshole had access to a gun.

I understand that it's the 2nd amendment but the Bill of Rights was written over 200 years ago; times have changed and order needs to be restored. People should feel safe where they live, where they attend school, and on the streets. 

My heart, thoughts, and prayers are with everyone in Newtown; the victims, the families, the survivors--those children who survived will forever carry this day with them. Their classmates, their friends, their peers are dead because of some 24 year old who lost his job.

It sickens me and makes me just weep with heartache. 

Hug your loved ones a little tighter, kiss your brothers and sisters goodnight, spend time with your family, and never go to bed angry...just cherish your life and never take things for granted.


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