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I have been yearning for a change; I wanted to do something different with my look and the easiest way to instantly change your appearance is to dye your hair.

I have never dyed my hair before, only a few highlights here and there. I always wanted to do something drastic with my locks but never had the guts (and my mom constantly told me no).

I've been playing around with the idea of dying it for a few weeks and I woke up last Friday and decided that today was the day.

One of the girls in my sorority did it for me; we went to CVS to buy boxed dye and we got right to it.

The entire process took about 2 and a half hours because I have SO much hair, and it's very thick so it's a real hassle.

I used Clairol Nice 'n Easy in Natural Darkest Brown; I used two boxes and it was just enough to cover my entire head.

After washing the dye out, shampooing and conditioning my hair, and then blowing and straightening it, this is the finished product.

IT'S SO DARK!  I did not expect my hair to be this shade of's pretty much black. I was so shocked when I saw it after she was all finished but I was in love with it! It felt like I was wearing a wig, it didn't look like me but it felt like I should've had this hair my entire life.

The reaction from my friends and family was so positive, I was so happy that I decided to make this drastic change.

It's perfect for the holidays and the new year, a fresh start with a fresh new look :)

Here is the before and after! 

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  1. Hey, new follower from the Mingle Monday Blog Hop over at Life of Meg. Cute blog you have here and your hair looks awesome! :)