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My birthday is on Friday (the big 2.0..gahh!) and I wanted one thing and one thing only. I've been asking for it since last year and have waited patiently for it's arrival. 

Last week over Thanksgiving, I was presented with my early birthday present from my mom and aunt.

A brand new, beautiful, white iPAD 2!

I was so excited to get this and start filling it up with different apps and wonderful goodies.

Yes, I have a Macbook and an iPHONE but I feel as if the iPAD is so useful, if used correctly! In the week that I've had it, I have definitely proven my theory correct.

The iPAD is obviously smaller and sleeker than a laptop so it's much more practical to carry around to class and work. I realized I was bringing my laptop everywhere I went on campus because I needed it for class and it was getting to be too much.

I haven't had my laptop on me all week and my shoulders are thanking me. 

I could do everything on my iPAD that I could on my laptop--I even wrote a paper on it the other day and it was easier than I thought.

I love how browsing the web and reading a newspaper is more fun and a tad bit easier on the iPAD..the touch screen makes it a little more entertaining and is easier because you don't have to go through the keyboard or mouse, just your fingertips.

If you have the right applications, you can get a ton of work done on the iPAD. I downloaded "Documents" where you can write and transfer documents just as if you were in Microsoft Word. I also have Google Docs and Google Drive which makes it easy to transfer anything and everything from your iPAD to computer. 

The Blackboard app is a lifesaver both on my iPAD and iPHONE because whenever something new is posted from one of my classes, it pops up right on my homescreen and I don't need to be by my computer to access it. That was always my biggest concern.

Most people would say that typing on an iPAD is difficult but if you are an expert typer (and in this day, who isn't an expert typer?) it shouldn't be hard. I almost like typing on the iPAD screen better than an actual keyboard. Welcome to the 21st century!

I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly and because I get them mailed to my house, I am never up to date with them at school. That problem has totally been solved with my digital subscription and I love it! I downloaded the past few issues of EW but also bought the Sexiest Man Alive issue of People Magazine.

I didn't know how I would feel about reading magazines on anything other than good old print but I LOVE IT! I love the added features that you get from a tablet edition and how it's more interactive, it's wonderful. I might start buying all my magazines on the iPAD...(eh, maybe not. I love a good print copy).

Another great thing about the iPAD...the wonderful, gorgeous accessories that come along with it! I obviously needed a case so my aunt and uncle bought me this lovely polka dotted Kate Spade case for my birthday and I love it!

I love the folio type so it protects the screen when I'm not using it. 

I definitely will invest in a sleeve and back cover also because the folio cover is a little bulky.

Altogether, the iPAD is wonderful. I love it to the moon and back; I think it is so useful and can be used in so many different ways for different people. 

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