Fabulous Beauty Find!

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A few weeks ago, before Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast, I went to CVS to stock up on some items. I thought I'd need to stay busy during the rough rain so I went straight to the beauty aisle.

I've been wanting to do a facial mask for a while but never find the time. While buying my St. Ives Facial Scrub, I came upon this little gem and couldn't pass it up!

Usually facial masks come at a one time use in a little packet but this bad boy is huge! I was so happy that I could buy a mask that I could continually use.

I've used it twice already and I love it! It goes on very smooth, has a great smell and texture. It forms a great mask that isn't too hard but still feel awesome. It's a clay mask so it's not really sticky or oily. 

Every time I wash it off, my face feels uber smooth and very fresh. I've even seen an improvement in my skin, not as many breakouts and combining it with my scrub and moisturizer, it's a great facial routine!

Plus, the price was pretty low, I think it cost me around $4. If you can find this Freeman Avocado and Oatmeal Face Mask, BUY IT! 

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