'etoile Nails

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My nail polish obsession is only growing worse with each day.

I mentioned this nail polish a few posts ago because I received it in my November Birchbox. I decided this week to try it out and I am so happy with the results.

The polish looks so pretty in the bottle but even better on your nails.

It's the perfect chrome blue; it is very shiny and has a sheen that reflects on your nails. It has a hint of sparkle but it's not glittered.

The formula is great, one of the best I've ever used. It goes on very smooth and two coats is more than enough.

This is such a great polish and the pale blue fits for either winter or summer so it can be worn year round.

'etolie is a great brand and I really think I'm going to make a few more purchases in the near future.

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