Birchbox Love!

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I've blogged about my love for Birchbox before and it just keeps getting better!

This month's theme of the Birchbox was none other than Back to School; it's such a pleasure and treat to receive beauty samples and get a little gift every month.

I am always so pleased with everything I get in the Birchbox, even if I've never thought of using the product.

That's what's great about this; it has introduced me to so many new products and companies. I love it!

This month I received:

This razor was this month's Birchbox Find and I was pleasantly surprised.
I already have a razor I love (Venus SeaBreeze) and I'm not too fond
of using shaving creme so I gave this to my mom and she LOVES it.
She said it was the best razor she has ever used and left her legs
smoother than ever! 

THE.BEST.MASCRA.EVER. I don't do HIGH END makeup; I like
my Maybelline Pink and Green Mascara because my eyelashes
are already really long and it's just perfect for me but this Perf-ekt is
truly amazing. The sample size that I got was really tiny 
but I don't care. The masacra goes on really
smooth with no clumps and really defines your lashes.
It brightens and opens your eyes right up. So worth it!

Juicy Couture perfume is usually a little too sweet
for my taste but this scent hits the spot. I sprayed
it on as soon as I got my Birchbox and fell in love.
It has a sweet, floral scent but not overly strong. 
I honestly think I might put this on my Christmas list and add
it to my long list of perfumes. 

My Birchbox came with two tiny samples of this hand soap and 
I really love them. I have OCD when it comes to washing my hands
and this soap really leaves your hands with 
that true clean and soft feeling.

This is SUCH a great face cleanser; it's the perfect combination of foam and clean
and it leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth! The sample size is a bit
small but it's great for a first try. 

I think Birchbox is such a great company and for only $10, you get so much!

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