I think it's every girl's goal in life to find the best lip balm. I know mine is.

Ever since I've discovered Smackers Lip Balm in like 4th grade, I've been obsessed with lip balms and lip gloss and lip stick. 

I love them but it's really hard to find the perfect lip balm and I've struggled, just like all of you. You don't want anything too sticky or too glossy and it has to moisturize and help your chapped lips.

I've searched high and low for the perfect balms and I've found three that I adore.

Carmex Moisture Plus

I've only heard good things about Carmex Skincare before checking them out and I've always meant to buy something by them to see what all the fuss was about. One day at CVS, there was a sale on Carmex lip balm so I bought the Moisture Plus balm and was completely sold!

It's not a gloss but not a typical chapstick type balm, it's a mixture of the two. It goes on really nicely and keeps your lips extra smooth. 


Eos is a really fun lip balm. It comes in an egg shape and a variety of different scents. When you apply it to your lips, you can feel the moisture coming. It's a rich, creamy balm and works wonders for chapped lips.

Rosebud Salve

I had a Sephora giftcard laying around and needed to buy something cheap since the card wasn't for that much. I was searching the site when I stumbled onto Smith's Rosebud Salve. I've heard of salve before and seen some products with it but never tried it out. 

I saw that it could be used for your lips or cuticles or another dry part of your skin and decided to purchase it. It was one of the best purchases I've ever made because this is a product from heaven. I use it mostly on my lips but it's a mix of a gloss and a lip balm because it comes out of the tube in a lube form and has a little shine but it's really great for a slightly chapped lip.

All of these products are really amazing and I swear by each of them; my favorite would probably be Eos because I love the fun egg shape and different flavors but they are all really wonderful.

If you need a new lipbalm, try one of these out!

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