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Royal Round Up, Vol 4: Week 9

 How is February over already? I can't tell if I'm ready for spring or if I'm wanting to hold onto winter for a little while longer. I'm someone who doesn't mind the cold and snow (or the rain for that matter) so I truly loved all the snow NYC got this month. It was so cozy and wonderful. 

It's been getting darker later and later (it's been light out at 5:30 PM) and I know it's just a matter of time before the warm weather is here and it's not dark until 8 PM. There are a *supposed* to be a lot of fun things happening this spring and summer, but last year was supposed to be the same so who knows what will happen.

This week was a little hard; I was a bit more anxious than I have been in the past few months and it was really difficult. It threw a wrench into my routine and I hated how it made me felt. I felt super unmotivated, bored, and just restless. Today was a lot better and I'm hoping I can keep that momentum throughout the weekend. I'm going to be running a lot of errands this weekend as well as catching up on reading and writing, so the typical Briana weekend.

Right now, I'm just unwinding from the day & watching Youtube videos which is much needed after an anxious week so let's get into the post!

Pink Positivity of the Week

I'm honestly struggling to find something positive because I was in such a deep hole but one good thing was I made brunch plans with friends and can't wait to have a fun girl's day! 

Links I Loved

What You Missed on Royally Pink

Lent is still going strong so I didn't buy anything, besides the Stoney Clover Denim Collection which I vowed to be my single shopping exception. 

Have a great weekend everyone!