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I write about everything from beauty to fashion to mental health to career and book reviews.

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Royal Round Up, Vol 3: Week 46

 It is November 14th and I have broken many of my self-inflicted holiday rules. I have not decorated for Christmas yet but I have bought Christmas snacks, candles, and baking supplies... however, I haven't used any of these yet. As I write this, I am currently watching Home Alone 2, after watching Home Alone and that is my biggest rule of all: no Christmas movies before Thanksgiving. 

These rules are very silly and are a personal inside joke, I'm well aware it doesn't matter if I watch Christmas movies in early November but I'm such a fall person & I love Thanksgiving so I like to continue the fall season as much as possible. However, this year, I think I need some of that Christmas joy a little early this year. 

I'm over my pumpkin spice habit and I'm ready for all things peppermint mocha! 

This week was hard, again but not as hard as the previous weeks because well, the election is over *contrary to popular belief*. I am though, back to worrying about Covid... please just wear a mask & social distance. It's the least we could do and IT WORKS! 

I'll get off my soapbox before I get too preachy, and get right into the post!

Pink Positivity of the Week

I ordered so many books this week! Of course, I always like reading but sometimes I get in the mood to read 100 books and just absorb every story I could find. I've also been in a self-help mindset so I ordered a few books I've had my eye on... more on that later. Reading brings me such great pleasure and joy, and right now I need to surround myself with every bit of joy I can find. 

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Have a great rest of the weekend!