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Manicure Monday: Olive & June PSL Mani Kit

I mentioned last week that I was waiting for an order from Olive & June to come in. I've experimented with Olive & June nail polish in the past and was less than impressed but I'm always willing to give products a second chance.

When Olive & June released their Fall nail polish colors, I was pretty excited. They released some stunning shades but also I loved the way they paired the colors together. Seeing colors mixed or on actual nails always makes the world of difference for me when purchasing a color.

I was contemplating which colors to purchase when I saw this photo of the Pumpkin Spice Ombre Kit I decided to just purchase the entire kit. It retails for $45 and comes with 4 colors and a topcoat. $9 a polish is exactly what I pay for Essie and OPI and I loved that I had all the colors I wanted in one little kit. 

Shipping did take a little while, longer than I expected but it just made me more excited to receive them. They arrived last week and were packaged super tight and nice; each polish was individually bubbled wrapped and fit super snug in the most adorable box. 

I immediately painted my nails and followed the ombre look from that original photo. It took a little time to alternate between each color but it was well worth it. 

The formula on these darker colors was so much better than the blue shade I previously wrote about. They went on super smooth, didn't bleed onto my nail beds and cuticles, and were very opaque. The one shade that I had a little trouble with (but eventually, after two coats) came out great was the lighter shade called HGC.  

I loved the way the 'ombre' look came out. It feels so cozy and so Fall! These 'ombre' nail looks are my favorite and I always attempt to do it but following that photo really helped. 

For this manicure, I opted to use the Glossy Top Coat that came in the kit instead of my Essie one and I really loved it. It made the polishes really come to life and I felt like I had less chipping with it. 

I will surely be wearing this nail look (and all the individual colors) all season long!

What does your manicure look like today?